We call Bowling Green Ohio home. But we travel all over the US.  We specialize in creative services from digital media design to photography. Our goal is to make your dream a reality. My team is made up of creatives that I can trust and have on call when I need to outsource or collaborate for a project. These girls all have unique abilities and wonderful personalities and I love working with them and having such a great group to collaborate with! Have a project? Let's sit down over coffee and talk about your vision!


What I love about photography is being able to capture a moment and feeling. Time passes by so fast that we don't even realize it, and with photography, we are able to hold on to that moment even when that person or place only lives in our memory. 

My photography style can best be described as a film like style with warmer more earthy tones. I love to capture spontaneous emotion & let you go on your own flow & I will always be there to give prompts when needed!

Meet the Owner

My name is Dalana, and I am the owner of SkyyCreative (formally known as skyystudios). I majored in Visual Communication Technology which is just a fancy long way of saying I am a Digital Media Guru. I specialize in problem solving using my knowledge in 5 medias of communication: Video, Photography, Web, Design, and Print. I truly enjoy working with other creatives, unique people, and businesses and figuring out how we can better their business using visual communication technology.​​

I am also a full time mommy to an amazing little boy named Grayson, whom you will often see photos or stories of either on my website or social media. When I'm not chasing little feet I am probably photographing very spoiled huskies named Kylo & Luka. I adore my little family!


Kylo + Luka

Kylo & Luka are my fur-babies! They often help me with product shots, branding and other small projects that might be pet/adventure, lifestyle

and hiking based. They are brand ambassadors and influencers on Instagram and  love working with me when it comes to product photography and testing out new products.

They also were my inspiration to start creating and selling my personal presets and overlays. I really have been able to take my photography to the next level with incorporating my two floofs in my everyday photos. Be sure to check out their Instagram and see if you would like to do a collaboration!


Catch you on the trails! 

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