Goodbye 20's, Hello 30.

Holy Crap, IT'S HAPPENING. *insert panic meme*

How is it possible to be 30 freaking years old. I spent January thinking about how my life has changed in the last 10 years during my 20s. For sure, I have changed a lot. I've stopped counting at 25 if we are being honest. In my 20's I felt like I was constantly working my way up to my version of "next level" in life. I've been able discover things about myself like how I am a INFJ. Not just an Aquarius but with Aquarius sun, a libra moon and my rising sign is Aquarius. I am a 2w3. LGBTQ+ are my people/community. I am a true empath but also ruthless. I survived off coffee for the better part of my 20's. Like, seriously.. My senior year college and first year of being a mother I should have been sponsored by the bean for how much coffee I drank.

20 Things I learned in my 20's..About myself, life, etc.

1. Mindset is EVERYTHING. 2. I'm not going to be everyone's cup of tea. That's okay. I drink champagne now. ok, seriously.. I don't have to be liked by everyone and I can find peace with that.

3. Spontaneous is good. Keeps the soul alive.

4. Good things come to those who HUSTLE.

5. Stand up for what you believe in. Womens rights, equal rights. All of it.

6. Perseverance is the most important skill you can learn. Failure is success in progress. You're gonna fail over and over. Embrace it. Learn from it. Overcome it.

7. I am capable, I am worthy, I am enough.

8. Friends will come and go. True friends are loyal, they lift & support your dreams. Hype you up when you need it. They are there for you in your darkest hour & distance never matters.

9. Motherhood is undoubtable the hardest, yet, best thing I have experienced. I am blessed.

10. Eliminate toxic people. 11. Comparison is the thief of joy. Don't compare yourself to others, especially on socials.

12. Have adventures & travel. Scream on the mountain tops, be free in the middle of the sea and get lost in the woods.

13. Friendships comes in odd opportunities. I met some of my favorite people and best friends though silly Instagram and FB.

14. If your job isn't fulfilling, LEAVE. Being miserable at your place of work is soul draining. You will be appreciated somewhere else. I waisted 2+ years at a miserable job because I thought I needed the "experience" before I left. Nah, girl. Leave that toxic place!! TODAY.

15. Love myself, unconditionally.

16. Kindness is not a weakness. It goes a long way and it cost ZERO dollars. Be kind but take no shit.

17. I impress the fuck out of my own self sometimes.

18. Nobody knows what the hell they are doing. We are all here just winging it & that's ok.

19. Tomorrow is not promised. Live for today. Tell your friends, family, soulmate that you love them. I know it's cliche but, it's true.

20. As my grams would say, "Shit Happens." Let. that. shit. go. girl. You will feel so much better.

Some Favorite Things I accomplished in My 20's