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Krista - 21 Birthday Shoot

While visiting Arkansas family I had the opportunity to hang out with my one of my cousins who just turned 21! It only seem to fitting to get her a 21st birthday photo shoot done!! This location was in downtown Bentonville, AR Square and shot around 7 PM. The lighting was PERFECT (golden hour is my favorite time to shoot). She brought her boyfriend and good friend down for some team support and we all ended up having such a fun time! No worries, no one was injured during the popping bottles hahaha!!

This is Krista - She's a beautiful soul - really! I always loved her quirky personality growing up with me and she was always fun to hang out with. It's so fun seeing your not-so-little cousin grow up. She's in school for nursing and any free time she have she always love to spend it with my family, dogs, or friends from school. Recently the gym has became a part of her every day routine as well. 2 more years and she'll be in the hospital and out of the books!

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